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Financial Investments & Real Estate

Financial & Real Estate Investments

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Espalier focuses on public and private debt, equity investments, Real Estate investments as well as alternative investments.

The flexible and long-term nature of our capital allows us to pursue opportunities that other investors may not be able to pursue as well as providing us with the ability to seek unique opportunities.

Our investment across these funds focus on diverse strategies, ranging from growth equity, to mid-market investments and also credit situations.

The funds are predominantly based in Europe and the United States, though we have had investments in Asia and in other emerging markets. The alternative investments provide diversification and allows a small Espalier investment team to access opportunities that we are unable to source ouselves.


Espalier Ventures invests in both the listed equity and debt markets, through a combination of both passive and active management. 

Espalier is agnostic to the industry or geography, but the objective for the investment in underpinned by high quality blue chip names as well as investment grade credit.

Private Equity, Private Debt and Alternative Investments

Espalier’s investments in the alternative financial sector have been made across: 
Private Equity Funds
Private Credit Funds
Secondaries’ Funds
Co-Investment Funds